This year’s grand event marked the 10th anniversary of one of the largest and most prestigious defense expositions in the region; IDEAS 2018 International Defense Exhibition and Seminar, held biennially in Karachi, from the 27th to the 30th of November. Each year, IDEAS attracts top officials from global defense forces, suppliers and competitors from all over the world. This year’s IDEAS 2018 was massive in magnitude with over 33000 visitors from 38 different countries encompassing a wide range of industries in the defense sector.

At this year’s event, Pakistan’s first private thermal imager manufacturer SHIBLI stood out yet again for its classic flagship indigenous un-cooled products, the SKUA LR Long Range-Thermal Binocular which weighs in at 1.4 kilograms for utmost advantage and edge for the soldier on the battlefield and the TARSIER Thermal Weapon Sight which is mountable on any firearm with a NATO standard Picatinny rail. A must have on the battlefield; this cutting edge technology comes directly from the best of the talent and resources of Pakistan, with more technologically superior and advanced products also in progress which are to be launched soon.

The SHIBLI exhibit was visited by Pakistan’s Defence Minister Mr. Parvez Khattak, Chief of General Staff, Lt Gen Nadeem Raza and Prime Minister of AJK. Over the course of 4 days, SHIBLI hosted more than 40 official delegations from various countries and gathered more requests for official visitations from prospective foreign delegations. Moreover, numerous Pakistani high ranking officers and government officials from all the armed forces and LEAs paid visit to the SHIBLI.

With their first ever export order on the way to the Middle East, recent contracts with the Pakistani Army (SHIBLI’s primary customer) for both the TARSIER and SKUA and national and other international defense forces already in production at their Manufacturing Facility in Islamabad, SHIBLI gathered more attention and critical acclaim from competitors and interested parties at their purpose built, crafted for impact, shell structure exhibit, complete with a reception and sitting area, refreshments and outdoor demonstration area, a meeting room and a CEO’s office for senior business meetings, at the International Pavilion right next to some of the leading defense companies of the world. This year’s event established SHIBLI’s emergence as an innovative and leading producer and manufacturer of Thermal Imaging Technology in Pakistan, complete with the capability to conceptualize, design, test and manufacture indigenous Oprtonics product lines for homeland security and defense. SHIBLI is here to stay and become a major player with valuable and equitable contributions to innovation in global defense. SHIBLI is here to deliver quality, trust and nothing but the best.

A Glimpse of IDEAS 2018


About SHIBLI – SHIBLI is an international manufacturer of thermal imaging systems for defense and homeland security applications. The company’s flagship products are SKUA LR Thermal Binocular and Tarsier TWS. SHIBLI operates its headquarter in Islamabad, Pakistan and the Design Centre in Dubai, UAE.