Held biennially in Paris, France, Eurosatory is one of the world’s most prestigious and foremost defense exhibitions featuring 1,572 exhibitors from 56 countries encompassing a wide range of industries in the defense sector. 57, 018 visitors from 151 different countries attended the 2016 iteration of Eurosatory. Furthermore, at this year’s exhibition, SHIBLI became Pakistan’s first private company from the Optronics industry to take part by unveiling its indigenous product line of thermal imaging equipment for defense. The product line is comprised of the TARSIER –Thermal Weapon Sight and two variants of the SKUA – Thermal Binocular Platform – the SKUA LR (Long Range) and the SKUA SR (Short Range).

The TARSIER is mountable on to any firearm platform with a NATO standard Picatinny Rail while the SKUA Thermal Binoculars, according to product literature, weight in at less than 2 kilograms for ease of operations and so as to be a part of a soldier’s s t a n d a r d load-out. All three products are based on the modern 17 micron IR core and are instantly available for use, without requiring a cool-down period. The purpose-built SHIBLI Chalet was commissioned expressly for this purpose in the exhibition’s outdoor area, right next to some of the biggest Optronics companies in the world. The chalet was a double story shell structure, complete with reception, sitting area, refreshments, an outdoor demonstration terrace, a meeting room and a CEO’s office for high-level business meetings. The SHIBLI Chalet was inaugurated by the Secretary Defense Production Lt. Gen. Syed Muhammad Owais HI(M) (Retd) along with high ranking officers of the Pakistan Army as well as the Pakistani Ambassador to France along with his Defense Attaches.

Over the course of 5 days, 9 official delegations from various countries were hosted at the SHIBLI Chalet, complete with refreshments and product demonstrations, alongside walk-in visitors and unofficial visits from government officials and army officers from different countries of the world. The inauguration of the Chalet and taking part at Eurosatory formally marks the start of SHIBLI’s endeavours as a fully-realized optronics manufacturer, completely capable of researching, designing, testing and ultimately, manufacturing and producing indigenous optronics product lines for homeland security and defense.

Soon, SHIBLI plans on expanding its product lines to incorporate considerably more advanced features and products into its portfolio to better service its clients and serve the needs of prospective clients across the globe. In the long term, SHIBLI aims to become a major player in the industry with valuable and equitable contributions to innovation in global defense.