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Established in 2012, SHIBLI is an international organization and regional pioneer specialized in the designing and manufacturing of Security Systems. SHIBLI conducts innovative research and development to keep us at the forefront of integrated technology to enable rapid, strategic and effective responses to security needs and events. With our highly skilled R&D team and experienced engineers working in unison towards one mission, we aim to make our mark in global surveillance security.

Our flagship thermal imaging security cameras and systems which are easy to operate and configure are state-of-art and built to the highest technological standards to equip authorities with the ability to provide sound, stable and reliable surveillance capabilities. From monitoring facilities, critical infrastructure and national treasures to sovereign borders all resulting in better policing, protection of civilian lives and properties and boosting substantial long term development, SHIBLI is here to unlock the future of effective and convenient security solutions for our clients.

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Situation Awareness

Facility Protection

Highest Quality Standards

Our hybrid, multifunction and advanced security systems and software are there to reinforce public administration, comprehensive assessment and provide strategic surveillance in adverse conditions.




See The Unseen
In The Dark

Our cutting edge technology equips the user with the ability to see distant objects whether it is in the pitch black night or the brightest hour of the day, giving them the ultimate edge in every aspect.

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